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I need someone to talk too.
I am at WAR with my inlaws bc my brother In laws gf decided to name her baby after my deceased daughter with out even mentioning it to me until after she was a day over her due date. And she didn't ask me she told me! Well the family got mad at me bc I felt that it was wrong, for many reasons, 1) she didn't know my daughter. 2) before my daughter passed the girl was trying to get with my fiance while we was together and it causey us to brrak up! 3)now she is with his little brother ew. This caused a huge fight because she lives with my MIL so they are very close also she is having their first blood grandchild so thats another reason she is favoured. All I did was express my feelings to my mother in law I didn't even say a single word to the girl when she told me. Next thing I know I get texts from the girl being cussed out. bc my mil told her I was unhappy with her naming the baby after my daughter. and my mil got mad at me too for being unhappy. So I told them both to loose my number and not to talk to me again. Now our family is all unhappy, the baby has been born and my fiance of had to be part of it bc it is his little brothers baby. And I wouldn't expect him not to anyways. Now I am sitting here feeling left out and like maybe this family aint for me. I have been a bit hateful towards kyle not because I dont love him but bc I am just hurt. Idk what to do but I wish I never took him back when I caught him texting the girl last year. Then I wouldn't be in this mess. :(
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