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Someone PLEASE tell me y'all see where I'm coming from because apparently I'm being a selfish bitch
. 😒 So, David's brother and his fiancé moved to Knoxville in like July. Ever since, they've been behind. In August we literally paid their rent for them to keep them from being evicted. Then we paid a bill or two. Then we bought them groceries. Now they're asking us for $400 to keep from being evicted AGAIN. Plus we just paid their part of the cell phone bill for the 9th month in a row. PLUS he's asking David to buy him a video game, PLUS they're trying to move back here bc they obviously can't cut it out in Knoxville, and he asked David if they could stay with us. FIRST OF ALL: I don't like his fuckin fiancé. She's disrespectful and has talked shit about all of us, including Isabelle. I'll be DAMNED if she steps foot in my house. SECOND, we lived with them for almost a year and they are terrible roommates. Messy. Don't pay bills. Eat all the food. THIRD, we literally live in a two bedroom 900sqft apartment. We have no room for them. I also feel like he's taking advantage of David. This is the fourth or fifth time he's asked us for money. We have bills and rent too. We have a child to care for. We have expenses too. We can't support two families. It's getting ridiculous and David literally doesn't see where I'm coming from! I'm not trying to be selfish or petty, but I don't want to get behind helping someone else catch up bc I know for DAMN sure if the tables were turned, they wouldn't have helped us a single bit.
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