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I'm gonna rant for a bit...\n
So at my job I have currently, my close friend who also works there has been out of work last week and will be out this week also. She is normally the one who does a certain job that I had the unfortunate task of doing last week. Apparently it has 'went through the grapevine' today that our manager took me off that particular job because I was doing something wrong. So guess I'm being talked about and my manager couldn't even tell me what I supposedly did? Am I wrong for being upset? He barely went over the things I'd be doing and didn't give me any papers on what I'd be looking for ( I was inspecting door handles ) \nWhat irks me is that everyone else knows before I do and it's honestly no one else's business. I'm just so frustrated. When my friend told me that her mom heard it today at work (her mom works there also).. it embarrassed me soo bad! 😟😖
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