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One of my good friends is in the last days of her pregnancy.
She chose a different hospital than what I recommend her and she has had horrible troubles with them since day 1. She scheduled an induction a month ago for tomorrow morning and has persistently made sure she was still scheduled well last night she went in with contractions and she’s dilated to 4. They stopped her contractions and sent her home. Now they’ve called her telling her that they’re rescheduling her induction because they’re full and if she goes into labor on her own she won’t have a bed. They stopped her contractions twice now both times she was past 36 weeks. She was bleeding a few weeks ago and lost her mucus plug (I know it grows back) and having contractions and they put her on bed rest basically. I’m terrified for her to have that baby at that hospital. They have been so disorganized and unprofessional the entire time she’s used them. 😔
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