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Okay so im having a BIG dilemma, I dont know if anyone can help but here goes, I am currently 12w +2d pregnant (this is my first pregnancy), I found out Jan 12th, applied for medicaid, they sent me prestige health choice plan.
I made appt with my old gynecologist office that I went to years ago. They took my ins info and scheduled me an appt for 3 weeks away, at this time I was 5 weeks. So no biggie, the day before my appt. They called and said they dont take my ins plan, that i would need to change it to Amerigroup. I called medicaid and wasnt able to switch it for a month.. so meanwhile I went to Exodus. It was horrible. They treated me like shit. Just to let you know I am on several medications. I was seeing a psychiatrist for years when I found out I was pregnant, they had me on Lexapro, Valium and Ambien. I knew i shouldnt be taking those meds so I called my psychiatrist when i found out and they said they wont see me if im pregnant. WHAT!?! So i stopped the ambien and valium immediately, and tried to wean of lexapro. I started having severe panic attacks and horrible depression, Exodus would not give me ANYTHING , they would only refer me to another psychiatrist would couldnt get me in for months. Wtf? So after several horrible experiences with that office I was able to get my ins switched. I am also on a medication for opiate addiction called Subutex who a specialist has prescribed me for the past 3 years, he says it is safe for pregnancy and he actually helped me get on a safer antidepessant, switched my lexapro to celexa and gave me a prescription for buspar for my anxiety. Which im doing well with. However, i made appt for my old ob-gyn now that i had switched my ins. They requested the recorded from Exodus and canceled my appointment, said they would not see me due to me being \"high risk\" - according to them reviewing my records its because kf my meds. They didnt even see me!! Now i have tried calling every dr on my current insurance plan and no one will see me.. either because im high risk or past 12 weeks. I even called my insurance and they said call the hospital and the hospital just gave me a list of drs who dont take my insurance. I am so frustrated and scared and dont know what else to do. Can anyone give me any advice???? Please. Without judgement. Im in Tampa, Florida. Thanks in advance. Sorry so long of a post.
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