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Kind of just got a shock.
You need to know this first, my fiance and I have a very active sex life. We are always kissing, touching, loving on eachother. Hes so sweet to me, all the time. I know absolutely he loves me alot. I have no doubts about that. He is my sweetheart. Today i used his ipad to look up this actress on TV and there was a tab called Chaturbate. Its a site you talk to a woman and masturbate i guess. It was a huge shock to me. It broke my heart. I know its probably normal but it just hurt me. I talked to him about it, he didnt say much, but i know that he loves me alot. Maybe its my fault, too much sex, or maybe its because ive been an asshole lately, moody and a bitch because of all these pregnancy hormones. I dont know. I know it broke my heart a little bit but im not mad at him for it. Just hurt.
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