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I need some advice and seems like family and friends don't know what to say.
I have 2 children. I am irregular and have been on birth control since my son was born almost a yr ago. Me and my boyfriend have decided to try and have a baby. I do not know when I ovulated. We were unprotected on Valentine's day. I thought I had my period on the 16th but it was 3 days long and lighter than normal. Prior to this I hadn't had one for 45 days (while on birth control). So I figured after that long a gap af would be horrible on the 16th. But no cramping and way lighter than normal. Now for the last 2 days I have been having pressure in my lower stomach, bloating, mild cramping on and off both days, can't lay on my stomach it's uncomfortable, if I lean forward seems like something is being pushed on, last 2 days my nipplea have been kind of sore, I try to eat but I get full so quick and it makes me sick. Any help please. I don't know what is going on
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