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HELP so I'm on the nexplanon and was suppose to have it removed due to it causing nonstop bleeding since I gave birth .
Well last week my period was suppose to start I had old blood spotting n mucus like stuff whenever I wiped for about 3 days . Then nothing since I guess my period decided not to come on after all 🤷🏾‍♀️. This birthcontrol do stop periods sometimes Depending on the person .but is it weird that the 1st one I miss I'm super nauseous it went from only at night to all day long I'm cramping here n there as of today I feel pressure or bloating by my pantyline and I'm having motion sickness all of sudden as well . This is day 3 of all this . Does this sound like normal birth C side affects ? I been on this for 8 months n never had this happen 🤔
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