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Answer these questions about your FIRST born.
The one who made you a mommy! !\n1. Epidural? No\n2. Father in the room? No\n3. Induced? No\n4. Know the sex beforehand? yes\n5. Due date? June 18, 2004\n6. Birth date? June 06, 2004\n7. Morning sickness? Nope\n8. Cravings? Hot Cheetos and big red \n9. Pounds gained? 5 \n10. Sex of the baby? Boy \n11. How old were you when you gave birth? 17\n12. Hours in labor? 12\n13. Baby's birth weight? 6 ibs , 4 ounces\n14. Baby's Name ? Noah Xavier Parra\n15. How old is your baby today? 13 years.. my teenager.. \n*Copy and paste! Let's hear your story!* \nadd a picture of your cutie!
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