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My boyfriend has had this tooth ache for over a week now and I took him to the hospital for it yesterday since it's gotten really bad and of course they didn't do shit for him...
He's been really hard to live with since it started and it's like he's so damn distant from me and his attitude lately has made me want to be distant from him... I've even dreaded coming home because all he does is whine and complain all day and I deal with enough of that from customers at work all day so it's the last thing I want to deal with when I get home. I'm really not being insensitive or anything, in understand he's in pain and tooth aches are terrible I get it, but I've just felt so neglected and sad lately. He said he was looking forward to me coming home from work tonight because he missed me, I get home and he's just sleeping and I'm here doing nothing wishing I could be doing something... 😥😥😥
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