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Hey guys\n
\nI had to sign in today because I need to vent and no one else understands the frustration of a mom. \n\nToday was my twins’ 1st birthday party and those of you who had been following me know how big of a deal I made it out to be. Well today just went all wrong and I’m just sitting here crying because today was supposed to be this amazing day and their party was just a mess. And the worst part is that I don’t even have my mom anymore to be here and talk to. \n\nIt was an outdoor party and it rained all day. The cake wasn’t right and looked sloppy. They forgot to put my babies smash cupcakes on the order so they didn’t get their very own smash cakes. Half of the guests didn’t show up. I know these are all small insignificant things that won’t matter a few years from now but I worked so fucking hard on this party for it to turn out this way. If my mom were here she would be totally fine and cheer me up and things wouldn’t be so bad but I she’s gone and it’s fucking killing me. I am so fucking stressed that I’m afraid it’s going to affect the baby. Which btw, I’m 30 weeks now and I’m fucking MISERABLE. \n\nI just want to ball up and cry.
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