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ALL PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS OF INFANTS: DO NOT BUY THIS!! *NUBY Infant teether & gel* I bought this yesterday for baby, as I thought she'd love the blue teether (She did) & the numbing gel flavor said TutiFruti, AND it says all natural! She was already crying when I applied it, but she only seemed to get fussier.
I thought it was just because I frustrated her by putting my finger in her mouth. I also didn't pay too much attention because I was in a hurry trying to get her to stay calm so I could drive home. But she seemed oddly shaken up. She was so mad that her hands would shake when she scream. Today she got uncontrollable because of teething again, so I put it on her. This time it was more laid back, & after putting it on her I realized a Poupiri (did I spell that right?) Smell. Kinda like the scented Pine Cones around Christmas. She immediately started to scream. I put the remainder of what was on my finger on my tongue & realized that it not only smelled like that, but tasted like it & was SPICY. I gave her a drink, which seemed to help some. I decided to return it because not only was I furious, but because I wanted to make a statement to NUBY that this stuff is despicable. The Walmart associate handling the return told me that she had a lady return the same thing the night before & said she put it on her gums & it burned her. Please feel free to share this & most importantly do not buy *at least* this item from NUBY. I mean really?! You make a product for a BABY & you can't have at least ONE adult try it? 😡😡😡😡 #Nuby #WorstProductEver #ThisNeedsRecalled
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