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So I guess yesterday I was a bitch because my used to be called friend was over with her 6 month old and her baby was fussing, crying all afternoon
. Her diaper was soaked. So i said to her she needs to be changed she said oh she was changed 2 hrs ago I said well she needs a change again she said no. I changed her anyway. Then I said what about a bottle or some baby food she said oh she was fed 2 hours ago too. She doesnt need it. I said she is I am sure hungry. She won't feed her or change instead she ripped her baby out of my arms mind you she always does this to me.. I got so pissed that I went to a room and wanted her out of the house if she gonna do this. We been friends for almost 6 years. Was I in the wrong? She is basically letting her child be soaked. She could get an infection. She is always sick with a cold or ear infection. She was hungry she kept putting her fist in her mouth and screaming. I wanna call CPS. But don't wanna have her know it's me yet.
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