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I wish more people did these.
It's fun to learn odd little things about people. \n\n• Favorite smell - New clothes and fresh linen\n• Last cry - last week\n• Job - Mom to Nasir \n• Favorite Pizza- Meat Pizza from Pizza guys\n• Favorite Flowers - Rose\n• Favorite dog breed - Rottweiler \n• Favorite foot attire - Vans\n• Roller Coaster- I hate them! Lol\n• Pet Peeve - Bad hygiene \n• Favourite ice cream - Vanilla ice cream from thriftys \n• Shorts or jeans - Yoga pants or joggers \n• What are you listening to right now-my son snoring\n• Color of your vehicle - Silver\n• Color of eyes - Brown\n• Favorite Holiday - Halloween\n• Night owl or day person - Day person\n•Favorite day of the week - They all run together 🤣🤣\n•Nickname- My, yaya, nene\n• Favorite type of music - Depends on my mood\n• Tattoos - 1\n• Do you like to cook? - Yes\n• Beer or wine? - Tequila\n•Can you drive a manual shift? - nope\n• Do wear perfume? - On special occasions\n• Favorite color? - Purple\n• Do you like vegetables? - yes!!!\n• Do you work out? Yup every other day\n• Do you wear glasses? - everyday for the last 20 years\n• Favorite season? - Summer \n• Ever broken a bone? - Nope\n• Children? 1 boy!\n\nCome on... Someone do this with me. Let's take a break from negativity & learn about each other. It’s fun! Hold finger on post, hit copy & paste to your status!
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