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My husband has retrograde ejaculation so we have to get it out the urine to ttc.
At the 1st fertility place they said they didnt see any sperm in the urine. Well they were really unprofessional and slow pokey so we changed to the place were at now. And he has to take another semen analysis and it a big chance they might not see any either. And even then if they do it might not be much. Sooo we would have to do ivf. Well idk if this is wrong of me to feel like this but ...i really dont want to do ivf. Idgaf about how pricey it is. But its just toooo unnatural. It took me forever to cope with the fact that we had to do iui. But now not only cant i create a life by making love to my husband, i cant even create one inside of my own womb. All i would get to do is carry it while it grows and birth it. Which is alot and i want to do that too. But i just feel weird about ivf. Am i over reacting?
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