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Okay so I know I just posted a status but I just wantes to do this.
So this is for EVERY women out in this world who think they have a ugly belly, ugly ANYTHING! There is no such thing as being ugly or having too much stretch marks 💕 God gave us all a Miracle of life to carry inside of us and these arent "Stretch Marks" They are tiger stripes🐯🐯 We earned every one and We earned These. Every tiger stripe represents a story or has its meaning of carrying our beautiful life inside of us. If NO one likes it who cares! They are beauty marks. Yes some are WAY WAY worse and some are barely noticeable but the whole point is to NEVER feel ugly! ALWAYS feel beautiful momma's and you are gorgeous because GOD never makes mistakes and he made you the way he did because he thought that was beautiful. Remember, Every one of you are STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, AND AMAZING.
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