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💖 Love Story. \n
\n1. How long have you guys been together? Almost 5 years \n2. First Date? Taco cabana\n3. How did you meet? He came and got boxes from my store\n4. What is \"your song\" together? 24k magic \n5. Do you remember the first movie you saw together? I dont 😩\n6. First road trip together? San Marcos\n7. Do you have kids? 1 boy and 1 in heaven (miscarriage)\n8. Better Singer? Definitely him\n9. Who was interested in the other first? It was mutal, but he did used to be checking for me! \n10. More sensitive? Both pretty sensi\n11. Worst temper? Me 😩 im kinda crazy\n12. Funniest? Him lol\n13. More social? Me\n14. More stubborn? Him!\n15. Wakes up first? He does \n16. Has the bigger family? Me, i think\n17. Eats the most? Him, he loves my cooking\n18. Who said I love you first? Me, i knew he was it\n19. Hogs the remote? Him 😩\n20. Who's the better cook? We are both pretty good\n21. Hogs the bed? Me lol, ill never admit it to him\n22. More Romantic? Him..\n23. Who is smarter? Hes pretty damn smart\n24. Who is more messy? We are both pretty bad lol\n\nCopy and paste.... Then fill in your answers.\n💖 Love Story.
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