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You guys have no idea how horrible my SIL and her lil fam is to my son.
They're constantly slamming the door in his face, my son only ever wants to play. My SIL has her 6 y/o lead my son away from their door just so he can run back and slam it. My son criesssss so hard and his face is so sad... he literally looks heartbroken every time. I'm sick and tired of them only being nice to my son when people are around. Like bitch he's your nephew. You stayed in my delivery room (w/o even consulting me about it first might I add) but yet you treat him like shit when no one's looking. But the second your parents are around he's your fav. Bitch bye with your fake ass. They're always acting as if this house is theirs. Boo you're 29, no job, living off your man, quit acting so entitled. It's ridiculous and I've had enough
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