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I am so shaken up right now.
Before I go on I would like to ask... please please don't judge or say anything rude, I already feel shitty enough. I had just given my 8 month old son a bath and put night clothes on him. I had to go the bathroom so I put him in his room and closed his door because he just learned how to crawl. I wasn't gone for long. When I came back I noticed he had drooled a lot so I wiped his face and put him in his crib for bed. Luckily I was making him stand up in the crib so I could talk to him and give him a kiss. He grinned really big and I saw something in his mouth, so I stuck my finger in there to scoop it out. I found the cap to this door stopper. I Immediately felt terrible. We have been very careful trying to baby proof the house and never in a million years I would have even thought to take it off. It's perfect choking size. I feel horrible for what happened but I'm glad I noticed it before something bad happened. \n\n🔴Please check your door stoppers!
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