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This is my BESTIE FOR THE RESTIE and my son just the day after he was born
. She has been incredibly supportive throughout our entire friendship, and I couldn't imagine my life without her!! She is the most phenomenal Fairy Godmother to my sweet boy and has been long before he was even born!! Crazy to think that we became friends about 2.5 years ago because I asked her to carpool to school with me. Then we became so close so quickly that I NEEDED, not just wanted, her with me when I delivered my son!! She held my hand through the contractions, my leg through every push, and captured the most amazing day of my life for me to cherish forever!! About a month after giving birth to my handsome little man, I was sitting at her kitchen counter when her and her husband shared the news... they are expecting their first baby now, and I was the first to know!!!! 💖 I am extremely honored to get to hold her hand and be a support person for her throughout this amazing journey, just as she did for me!! Friendships like this don't happen often, but I thank God everyday that we happened to fall into each other's lives!! #Friends @taylorlee616
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