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Since it is Mother's Day weekend and I never post pictures on here.
Here is a picture of Pickle and momma! I cannot describe how much of a impact this little guy has made on my life. Last Mother's Day was my very first Mother's Day. You were only 5 days old- I was so excited to have you in my arms. I was so blessed to say you were healthy. One year later- my little 7 lb 12 1/2 oz baby is a whopping 30 lbs. You are down to having just one bottle a day. You are feeding yourself big boy foods. You are walking. You are babbling. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with you each and every day and watch you grow. I cannot imagine my life without my little side kick- who used to be on my hip and now he walks by my hip hand in hand. Thanking God for making my family complete. Momma and Daddy are so blessed and proud of the little boy your growing up to be. And no matter what. You will always be mommas baby. I love you ❣️💕💋
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