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When my aunt and uncle come over to my house and they see me using Dr Browns bottles.
They ask me why I stop using NUK and I told them because his doctor told me to stop using NUK, because he has gas problems and Dr Browns will help him with his gas problems. Then they was saying I'm paying too much money on Dr Browns while NUK is cheaper and there isn't nothing wrong with NUK and my son doctor doesn't know what she is talking about. I'm going to listen to my son doctor, because she knows what she is talking about. Once he stated using Dr Browns he doesn't have no gas problems.\n\nIt seem like my family gets mad when I don't go their way and use the same kind of brand my sister use with her son. It's my son and I'm trying to help with his problems not making it worse. If Dr Browns is the only thing help with Maximus problems I'm going to use it. Goodbye NUK.
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